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Electricians, Installers & Constructors

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  • Commercial Signage; Services, Changes &
  • LED Conversions.
  • Lighting Poles, Utility Poles.

Property trade workers for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Properties.

Real Estate Facility Maintenance; Fuel Station, Public Facilities, Medical Facilities.

Parking Lot Lighting Services.

Commercial Ventilation Maintenance, Modifications and Upgrades.
Shop-Work Customized Fabrications.

We are the Mechanics.
Sending the information, costs, specs., sizes, colors, life span and warranty for before you spend.

Motorized Gates, Automated Openers and Electric Barrier Arms for parking areas.

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Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Facility Trade Services.

More than Electrical – Property trade workers for commercial, industrial and rental properties: Restaurants, Fuel Stations, Public Facilities, Medical Facilities & Office Buildings.
Parking Lot Lighting Services. Commercial Space Fit Up and Customized Fabrications. Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Neon, Flat Screen TVs, etc.

CALL Able Group Inc. for Every Property Related Concern.

Sending you – Costs, Specifications, Sketches, Ratings, Designs and Plans at your request.



Able Group provides a comprehensive suite of commercial services, from electrical installations to property maintenance. Our expertise spans across various sectors, including restaurants, fuel stations, and office buildings. We specialize in high reach lighting, utility pole installations, and customized fabrications. Our mission is to offer cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solutions for all your commercial property needs.

High-reach lighting

Able Group provides expert high reach lighting services for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Our experienced trade professionals handle everything from installation to maintenance, ensuring optimal illumination for your parking lots, public facilities, and office buildings. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in every high reach lighting project, enhancing the visibility and functionality of your space.

Utility poles power

At Able Group, we specialize in utility poles, offering cost-effective installation services that are vital for efficient power and communication cabling distribution. Our adherence to all excavation regulations ensures a safe and compliant setup. With our experience and dedication, we manage the entire installation process, providing a seamless solution that meets your property’s utility needs, enhancing the connectivity and power infrastructure that is fundamental to your operations.


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"I had a utility pole on my property that was rotted out at ground level and PECO informed me it was my problem, not theirs. I called a few companies and decided to go with Able Group. The pole replacement went great and was done without any issues. I realized after they left that they had even straightened up my leaning mail box."
Wes Colflesh
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