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Parking Control Barrier Arms

Security Access, Cameras, Card Readers, Traffic Signals, Keypad, Gated Community.

We’ll design and install what suits your purpose.
Secure Parking Access equipment.
Commercial Property Security Alternatives.
Gate House controls.
Traffic Signals, Lift Gates and surveillance systems.

Barrier Arm, Lift Gate Operating Systems and Services by Able Group Inc. Proximity Card Readers, Stand Alone Proximity Card Readers, Wall Mount Proximity Card Readers Stand-alone unit is appropriate for use on gates or doors where there is need for resistance to climactic conditions. Powered by 12V DC supply, Has the option of using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators. Use it as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others.

Private residences, gated communities, warehouses, storage facilities, and many kinds of businesses can benefit from the added security of controlled access. Gate operators and access control systems. We sell, install and service operators for slide gates, swing gates, and for all your access control needs. Slide gate operator is the first choice for heavy-traffic applications and high-demand customers, including large development and management companies, prestigious residential gated communities and custom home builders. Swing gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications such as large gated communities, residential developments, commercial complexes and private estates. Unlike other systems, these gate operators are designed with a “non-scissor action” swing arm to greatly reduce the risk of injury. And all models include the safety and reliability, the most advanced control board in the industry.


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