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Parking Lot & Area Lighting

Parking Lot & Area Lighting

High Reach Bucket Truck Service, Lighting Poles, Public Facility Lighting, Canopy Lighting, LED Conversions.

Parking Lot Lighting for 30+ Years:


Same Day Service Response – Email our Central Office,   using; [email protected]


Full Service for Parking Lot Lighting – Commercial Business, Industrial, Institutional & Public Facilities.


Contact Us for all High Reach Lighting: Poles or Building Lights.  Walkway and Bollard Lighting.


We Are Maintenance Specialists.



  1. to Z. in Lighting:

Community Street Lighting, Ball Field, Security Lighting and Code Compliance issues.

LED Lighting Conversions,  LED Lighting Fixtures, Flood Lighting, LED Retro-fit for any type of light.

Lighting Restorations in order to match existing and Retro-Fit Conversions to LED.

Sign Lighting Poles & Foundations. Neon Lights. Lighted Signage and Street Light Services.


Solving Exterior Lighting Problems:

Underground Power, Overhead and Aerial Electrical Cables.

Diagnostics and services for Exterior Lighting Activation Systems and Control Panels for Energy Management.

Photo Operated Lighting Contactors

Underground Electrical Power Locating, Power Circuit Fault Finding. Utility Poles  / Utility Excavation


Expert Contractors for:

Concrete Foundations, Repairs, Foundation Renewal and embedded Bolt Re-Threading. Damage Mending.

Reconditioning for Steel or Wood Poles.  Welding, Re-Coating, Re-leveling.

Parking Lot Equipment, Barrier Arms and Motorized Gates

Parking Area Security Systems, Loop Sensor, Cameras and Transformers

Custom Electrical Equipment. Fabrication Work – Metal, Plastic, Wood, Aluminum, Plexi-Glass


If you are interested in anything we have to offer please contact us for prices, details, and any other questions you might have.!

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