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Fabricators, Custom Design, Metal, Plastic, Wood, Aluminum, Plexi-Glass, Welding, Cutting

We can Fabricate what you need.Commercial & Industrial Fabrication Services:
Customized fabrication work around Philadelphia.
Service or Costs: Send your details to our email dispatch system:
Fabrication Services A. to Z. – customized wood, medal and plastic items.
Metal Fabrications for Industrial Equipment is Our Specialty!

Fabrication Services – Philadelphia.

Fabrication Services for just about anything from our Low Cost Fix-it Work Shop.
Laminates, Granite, Tile, Plastic, Wood, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Plexi-glass, Iron and Steel. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing, Re-building. Items Removed and Reinstalled.
Fabrications for a Public Facility – Maintenance and Janitorial Concerns, Philadelphia.
Reconditioning Services, Philadelphia.
Workshop Repair Services, Philadelphia.
Welding Design and Fabrication, Philadelphia.
Fabrications for Restroom Maintenance and Janitorial, Philadelphia.
YES, we are Able to fabricate it. Your specs or ours – just ask us about it.
Laminates, Granite, Tile, Plastic, Wood, Medal, Glass, Plexi-glass, Steel, Copper, Aluminum. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing. Items Small or Large. Items Removed and Reinstalled.


Contractor Trades Fabrication Services for our Tri-State Area.
The Low Cost Fix-it Work Shop
Parts for: Business, Industry, Machinery, Equipment, Cars, Bikes, Aircraft, Musical instruments, Watercraft, Optical devices, Sensors, Models, Electronic devices, Enclosures, Clocks, Machinery, Engines, Furniture, Jewelry, Jigs, Telecom, Lighting, Medical devices, Photographic devices, Robots, Sculptures, Sound equipment, Sporting equipment, Tooling, Toys, Antiques, Lighting Fixtures, etc.

Able to repair and mend it. Able parts and blacksmith services, ironsmith, equipment repairs, reconditioning, welding, replacement parts, spray painting and refinishing, refurbish old antiques, electrical equipment made to order, maker of duplicated parts, lathe work, custom made wood work, home and business repairs, fabrication for items to fit, recycle household items, appliances made to fit, handyman parts mended, rebuilding for just about anything.
We can fix it. Business and Industry.

Repair work for any item: Openers for Fences and Gates, Fire Place Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment Flooring Heaters, Fluorescent Fixtures, Gate House Equipment and Controls, Generators – Large and Small Facility, Generator Standby Emergency Power Generator – Mobile Site Power, Halogen lighting fixtures, Handicap Chair Lift, Large Heat Pumps and Heating Equipment, Heated Driveway Controls, HID Lighting Fixtures, High Bay Lighting Fixtures, Home Theater Equipment, Humidification Systems HVAC Mechanical Equipment, Industrial Electrical Power Equipment, Industrial Power Inverters, Inline duct fans, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Light Poles, Lighting Contactors, Mechanical, Motor Starters, Motors Office Equipment, Oven Stack Chimney, Overhead Door Equipment, Parking Area Security Equipment, Parking Lot Equipment, Parking Lot Lighting, Pole Lighting, Power Factor Correction, Photovoltaic Systems, Propane Heaters, Refrigeration Equipment, Snow Melting Systems, Solar Panels, Speakers, Sports Lighting, Construction Equipment, T5 Lighting, Transformers, Two Phase Electrical Service, UPS Systems, Underground Electrical Power, Whole House Fans. 3Phase – 2Phase Electrical Equipment, 4160 Volts, Primary Electrical Equipment, Swimming Pool Pumps, Aerial Electrical Hardware, Rooftop Equipment, Air conditioning and Special Parts, A/C thru-wall Units, Air Systems, Alarm Systems, Apartment Utility mechanicals, Appliances, Attic Fans, Attic Ventilators Audio – Visual Equipment, Auditorium Equipment Systems, Auditorium Lighting, A.V. Business Systems Motors for powered Awnings and Canopies, Motors for Egress Doors, Ventilation Fans, Battery Chargers, Buss Duct, Circuit Breakers, Control Panels, CT Cabinets, Custom Electrical Equipment, Large and small “repair all services” for just about anything: appliances, antiques, tools, equipment, special items, special parts, Commercial Dishwasher Equipment, Ductwork Diverters, Electric Baseboard Heaters, Electrical Boxes, Electric Heaters, Electric Metering, Electrical Parts, Electrical Protection Electronic Air Filters, Elevator Equipment, Emergency Lighting Equipment, Ethernet Equipment, Exhaust Fans, Exhibit Equipment, Facility Cameras, Facility Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.

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