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Auditorium & Gymnasium Lighting

High Reach Lighting, Public Facility Lighting, Stage Lighting, Retro-Fit to LED, House of Worship

Everything in auditorium lighting services, high reach equipment installations, spot lighting, lighting fixture reconditioning, scaffold, stage, controls, pin spots, isle lighting and lighting redesigned.
House lighting is normally incandescent lighting at low levels for silhouette and decorative purpose. It’s intended to show the room to its best advantage. It is essential that the house lighting does not light the stage or orchestra pit or areas meant to be out of sight.

Work lighting should be bright. Work lights are intended for cleaning and maintaining the room.

Aisle lighting is usually mounted on chairs, and can be concealed under the armrests if desired. The old standard design – every third row on alternating sides of the aisle – now looks too dim and uneven, and is inadequate.

Stage Lighting should be invisible to the audience. Most stage lighting fixtures are located in the auditorium at an out of sight location and controlled remotely by the facility staff.

Orchestra Lighting. Orchestra pit lighting is usually done with music stand lights. The orchestra pit of any auditorium always need plenty of power for sound equipment but the lowest possible lighting.

Egress lighting is the required lighting for a quick exit of every person. Egress passageways must be kept on, by law, at all times the room is occupied. Egress lighting includes aisle lights, lighting on cross aisles, lighting in vestibules, and lighting on all other legal means of egress.

Exit lighting is the required lighting signage in order to direct every persons out of the building. The red or green exit signs above egress doors. Exit signs near the stage are very objectionable. The only good solution is to not locate exit doors anywhere near the stage.

Dimming is an effective tool used in lighting-system designs to reduce energy consumption, provide appropriate light levels for tasks, increase visual comfort, and provide aesthetic appeal. A well designed rheostat control system provides uniformed dimming functions to meet these requirements through a variety of user interfaces and programmed functions such as simple manual control, user-saved preset lighting scenes, automatic daylight harvesting, and load shedding. Today it is possible to dim most popular fluorescent lamp types with solid-state dimming ballast choices.

Specialist for church lighting and property area lighting. Many larger churches will have automated lighting or a conventional theatrical-type lighting system in the auditorium. The majority of the time, the lighting control console used to control the “stage” lighting is also used to control the house lights within the sanctuary. During the week, however, while the auditorium lights sit dark, those lighting systems throughout the administrative and office areas are well-used. In those areas, churches are looking at traditional office and institutional types of lighting systems where intelligent lighting is a new option to consider.

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