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Underground Electric

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Underground cable installation, underground conduit runs and power distribution. Utility company know-how for location, and fault detection and repair, electrical components that address almost all underground fault repairs, splicing or new cable installation, response team that will take repair action when you call. Cable tracing is an essential step towards locating your cable fault. Over the years I have seen many “fault locators” waste valuable time trying to locate underground electric cable faults and not being able to do so, only because they did not trace the cable properly – or at all. If you don’t know where the cable is, how can you expect to accurately troubleshoot the circuit?

Trace your circuit FIRST! Unless the cable fault that you are looking for jumps right out of the ground where you can see it – you need to trace your cable path, and mark your cable path, before you begin troubleshooting the circuit with other equipment. This is accomplished with an underground cable locator, specifically designed for electrical cables.

Underground Electrical Wiring for Parking Lots
Because we find many incorrect underground electrical splices, we created this page to show the correct method for a variety of situations. Breaks and incorrect repairs on underground electrical circuits are very common in parking lots. They are usually broken accidentally by persons performing excavation, and then a quick incorrect repair is made before it is found out. These circuits hold for a while but break again in time due to weather and seasonal changes when the ground freezes. The correct installation of a “splice pit” is the only cure. It will handle seasonal changes and have drainage for heavy rain and/or snow. Splice pits are fully open at the bottom and must have crushed stone for at least 12 inches beneath them for drainage. Some are made strong enough to drive over. The size of the pit can vary due to the amount and size of circuits involved.

Recording with ablegroup Commercial’s DM-III Multi-test F Power Quality Recorder

Cut energy costs and improve operating efficiency with the Amprobe full-featured three-phase Power Quality Recorders. We offer the essential functions and capabilities for today’s demanding electrical environments.

Contact Us for locating the underground electrical circuits around your property.
We have the economical means to discovery where the problem is.

We measure and record a broad spectrum of power quality parameters with True-RMS accuracy.
Compatible with a wide range of current transducers.
Works with single and three phase systems (Wye and Delta).
Detects and records voltage anomalies, sags and surges.
We test insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors.
We have the Programmable timer to perform the Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test.
Selectable polarization of ohmmeter for checking grounding continuity.
Built-in scope displays waveforms.
Manual and programmable recording start.
We can ensure uninterrupted data recording with password protection.
We can record up to 64 parameters single or three phase) simultaneously.
Special data compression system and user selectable rates allow recording from several hours
to several years.
We download measurements to PC with software. Line or battery powered.

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